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Use Social Media to Build Small Business: Vote for Hughes Who Productions

Greetings my Fabulous Friends.

Edye and Darryl Hughes of Hughes Who Productions

An awesome opportunity presented itself last week: A Facebook friend suggested I enter my game development company, Hughes Who Productions, into a contest to win a $250,000 grant.  It’s called Mission Small Business℠, sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial. Twelve businesses throughout the country will be selected to receive the grant.  All you have to do is get 250 people to vote through Facebook for you to qualify for the grant. Piece of cake, right? Uh, no. The contest began May 7 . I got wind of it last week. So I’ve had less than two weeks to drum up votes. I’m happy to say, as of this writing, Hughes Who has received 96 votes. But we’ve got 154 to go in four days. Ya think we can do it? Well, it’s really up to you, my wonderful fabulous Trending Over 40 readers. Will you vote for me?

I usually help those who aren’t so social media savvy. Now I’m asking you to use some of what I’ve shared to help me.

Here’s the link and instructions. Below the link please read about my company and what we want to do.

Here are the directions:

  1. Go to click ‘Log In & Support’ and log in using Facebook.
  2. Type  HUGHES WHO PRODUCTIONS  OR filter by the State (IL) and City (RIVER FOREST).
  3. Click on the blue Vote button to VOTE.”

Hughes Who Productions creates games that motivate, educate and inspire

Our bread and butter has been the development of slot machine and online games for the European and South American markets, but now we’re shifting  focus to create games that motivate, educate and inspire. We also want to show youth, especially those that are at-risk, that they can do more than play the games, they can make the games too. We recently completed two online games for Chicago’s DuSable Museum Discovering DuSable Digitally project geared toward Chicago Public School students. Hughes Who wants to give young people a taste of the gaming industry through workshops. We conduct animation workshops as well.

You can view our website, that shows some of our earlier slot work.
This grant will help Hughes Who update the current site to incorporate our new direction and games, execute new proprietary games and develop our Hughes Who Youth Studio traveling workshop.

I need your help. I need your votes.

Again, here are the directions:

  1. Go to missionsmallbusiness.comclick ‘Log In & Support’ through Facebook.
  2. Type in  HUGHES WHO PRODUCTIONS  or filter by our State (IL) and City (RIVER FOREST).
  3. Click on the blue Vote button to VOTE.

Thank you so much! Please contact me if you have any questions or comments,; You may also visit our Hughes Who Productions Facebook page

Hughes Who Productions. We’ve got game.


What helped topple the Egyptian Regime

Greetings once again, my fabulous friends! It’s your social media enthusiast, Edye Deloch-Hughes here to help you understand the basics of social media, emerging trends and how folks over 40 fit in.  Our world is changing from the industrial age to technology, that means in order for us to survive, we must adapt to change. We don’t have to be of the world, but we certainly have  to learn to live in it.  That’s why I started this blog. I’m here to give you the basics in emerging trends.  In this post I will try to demystify Twitter.

Many of my social media-challenged friends have asked me about Twitter.  If you don’t know much about it, here is the rundown:

Twitter is a popular and FREE social networking site that allows you to text snippets of information over the Internet at 140 characters or less (that includes letters and space between words). Tweeting is similar to mobile texting. If you don’t know about phone texting, well… I’ll explain it in another post.  Either you love Twitter or don’t quite understand it.  Some of us who are long winded, find it difficult to adapt to such limited constraints.  Others think it cuts the bull. I agree.

Folks who use Twitter tweet to do business, search for jobs, meet people, chat with friends or self-promote.  You can share your thoughts, links to blogs, photos and other stuff on the Internet. When used along with Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, Twitter can expand your audience and reach. Here is a sample tweet at 59 characters (click my link to take you to Twitter):

Hi #Trendingover40 readers! Follow me at

The key to Twitter or any other social medium is to establish relationships.  Starting out, sometimes you find yourself speaking to the “Twitterverse”,  that’s the vast universe of tweets,  as opposed to a particular person.  This is common. Someone may pick up your tweet and tweet back. They may follow you too.  When you find others with similar interests as you and have a conversation via tweets, you make it personal.   The deal is to find a topic or people of interest and join in.  The Twitter Lists help you categorize those you engage with. You are notified of tweets or followers through your email. Tweet often. That’s what increases your relationships and following.  Tweets are also fleeting. You post a tweet and then it kind of floats into the Twitterverse as other tweets come in. Your message is of the moment. To be top of mind, it’s advisable to keep up the tweets. Some people tweet a few times a week, others tweet daily. But I know some who do it 10 times a day.  I’m more a Facebooker than a Tweeter. But I’m working on establishing my Twitter relationships. That’s more important to me than the number of followers (though I do want to increase my numbers). You can help me out by signing up at and following me, Tell me what you think of this post. Here is a sample format you can copy:

@edyeld, I think your Twitter post on #Trendingover40 is … (Fill in the blanks. Remember, 140 characters or less)

You may ask, “What does that @ and # mean?”  Read on…

Basic Twitter Vocabulary

Tweet: The message you write and send

Tweeter or Tweep: The person who tweeted the message

Retweet (RT): A tweet, tweeted by another tweeter that you repeat on YOUR tweet

Twitterati: The tweeting upper crust, such as celebrities, who’ve built a huge Twitter following

Follow/Unfollow/Followers:  Those tweeters who keep up with other tweeters’ tweets by clicking the “Follow” button;  Click again to Unfollow;  Follow others and others may follow you. The more followers the greater the reach.

@ : This symbol before a twitter name means the tweet is directed at that specific tweeter Here’s a sample tweet:

@Edyeld, I love #Trendingover40. I will follow you and tell others to do the same 

Hashtag #: Is used  to mark keywords or topics of specific interest in a tweet.  It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Example:

Putting finishing touches to my post about Twitter. I’m encouraging social media- challenged over 40 folks to try it –

 If you haven’t noticed, this Twitter post has also become a shameless plug for this blog and my Twitter page.

 Fun facts About Twitter:

For more information, go to This site is full of information on Tweeting.  And don’t forget to sign up and follow me on Twitter. Tell me what you think about this post. I encourage you to try Twitter to see if you like it.  If you do,  send me a tweet! If it doesn’t titter your inner-Twitter, don’t sweat it. It’s not for everybody.


Here’s a really groovy test for my over 40 and fabulous friends! Actually, it was created for Baby Boomers, but the younguns might know a thing or two or three. Test your knowledge. The average score so far is 12 out of 20. You can beat that! Thanks to Allen Bagocious who posted this memory game.

Originally posted on Al Bagocius' Blog:



(Have a paper and pencil handy to record your answers.. Your mind isn’t
as sharp as it once was!)
This is NOT a pushover test. It’s a Baby Boomer era test!

There are 20 questions.

Average score is 12.

This one will be difficult for the younger set. (DUDE!)

1. What builds strong bodies 12 ways?
A. Flintstones vitamins
B. The Buttmaster
C. Spaghetti
D. Wonder Bread
E. Orange Juice
F. Milk
G. Cod Liver Oil

2. Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was…
A. Sugar Ray Robinson.
B. Roy Orbison..
C. Gene Autry.
D. Rudolph Valentino.
E. Fabian.
F. Mickey Mantle.
G. Cassius Clay.

3. Pogo, the comic strip character said, ‘We have met the enemy and….
A. It’s you.
B. He is us.
C. It’s the Grinch.
D. He wasn’t home.
E. He’s really me and…

View original 870 more words

HubSpot Social Media Glossary for the Social Media-Challenged

 Greetings friends, You and I know that this social media stuff  is everywhere, It can be overwhelming especially if you’re over 40  and just getting the hang of doing email. Ever been around folks who  toss social media lingo around like a salad? You know how irritating that can be when you’re social media- Continue reading

Doing Time on Facebook’s Timeline

I was just minding my own business, browsing through my Facebook pages and what did I see, an invite to view my friends’ Timeline pages. I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm, Timeline has already launched! Let’s check it out!’ I did just that.

I liked the bold in your face layout, how it made the content king and the easy maneuverability. I’m thinking, this could make an intriguing visual resume of my life, interests and work – a smart way to present myself to potential clients and employers. It makes one’s life seem rich and interesting. I was curious to see how my profile would look.  The prompt button beckoned me to subscribe. So with a swift click, I did. But to my surprise and regret, I couldn’t go back. I was (trombone of doom) forever locked in Facebook’s Timeline!

I did not ask to be a lifer. I simply wanted to subscribe – to play around and see what I could do with my personal profile. I planned to go back to the comforts of my original wall until I was thoroughly ready to commit. But nooooooo! Once you subscribe – you’re forever in the Timeline tribe, Brahahahahahaha…

Wait, wait, I thought I had a choice here. I knew my Timeline was going “live” in seven days – sure, but I thought I could have my old profile, and tweak Timeline too – on my time. I and I alone, would decide when to turn it on for the world to see. But I was wrong (sigh).

My Timeline profile

I asked friends young and not so young what they thought about Timeline. Every person I talked to said they didn’t like it at all – that it revealed too much personal stuff . You can trace one’s Facebook history all the way to the first day you signed on.  My early adopter friends jumped on it like  male dogs in heat. Their pages looked great. But were they really happy?  I posted that question on their profile. I didn’t get a response. I found a Facebook community page called “I Hate Timeline”, 2914 Likes as of this writing. The big question was, “How do I get out of Timeline!!!. At least I’m not alone.

Now  I’m forced to make it work, It seems I get more likes for photos I hadn’t displayed before. You can manipulate the content to make your page look dramatic or informative, graphic or business oriented – whatever moves you. I’m more thoughtful about what I want to display. Will it be captivating, provocative, insightful and true to who I am? The pressure is on to keep it interesting.

Facebook apps

The apps help do that. You can post the songs you’re listening to, family photos, videos, books, workout routines, events, travel and other experiences. On Timeline maps, you can display what cities you lived in and where you are now. You have to check out the rundown of apps to see what works for you.

But first, ask yourself, how much do you want people to know about you? As with any social media network, be careful what you share. You never know who’s scoping you out. My intention is to build my reputation as a writer and an incredibly interesting person without giving away TMI. I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished my goal.

Nevertheless, I would love it if you subscribe to me. That’s one of the things you can do now on Facebook – whether you have Timeline or not.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

I’m still learning and navigating the format. My suggestion to you is to check out your friends’ Timelines, read the instructions and think it through before committing. Ask yourself what purpose will Timeline serve because once you hit that subscribe button, there’s no going back to the profile of old. I hear tell that eventually every Facebooker will have a Timeline. I’m so not feeling Zuckerberg right now.

If you have Timeline, tell me what you think about it. If you don’t like it, tell me why. I’m very interested to know your opinion. Visit my page at Trending Over 40 on Facebook and Like my page. Time to go tweak my Timeline….


The New Facebook Changes (will soon be old) Part 2

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a while since I posted here. Don’t hate me. Would you believe I’m still trying to learn all the changes to Facebook? Yeeesh!!  I know, I know… either I’m incredibly slow or I have a severe avoidance disorder. Keeping up drives me freakin’ insane! Despite the complaints from many Fb friends including myself, I’m still on the site. So, hey, what can I say… I’ve made a lot of important friends I don’t want to lose; some of which are business related. But guess what: A big humongous change is coming in a few days anyway. Yep, Facebook will be morphing yet again, people. Get ready for… (drumroll)  Timeline!  I subscribed to it last night and have been tinkering with the format before the official launch. It literally changes the face of Facebook as we know it. But…I’m getting a ahead of myself here.  That’s another story I will talk about very soon – I promise. But first let’s discuss some of these new (soon to be old) Facebook changes – at least the ones I understand.

  • Facebook Ticker

    A scrolling ticker on the right side of your wall lets you know what your Facebook friends are doing in real time

  • Friend request, message and notification

    To your left at the top are three itty bitty blue icons that indicate the number of friend requests, messages and notifications you have.

  • You can control who sees your posts through Privacy settings You can make it public, friends or customize how you want to connect with people. Take THAT nosy prospective employer!
  • The photo and video postings are much bigger. I do like that.
  • A portion of the comments you post on other walls or pages are revealed on your wall. I’m not feeling that.
  • There’s also a new subscribe button. You can now control the amount and type of updates you want to receive.

    New Facebook Subscribe Button

  • Facebook also features People You May Know: Those who are connected with friends of yours who you may want to “friend”.

There are additional changes. It’s always good to tinker around yourself. I wonder when Timeline hits, will everything i told you become obsolete? Maybe for some, but not for others. Timeline will tell…

If you have a social media question, contact me at or on my Facebook fan page Trending Over 40. Be sure you “like” it.

Facebook Basics (For nonFacebookers and novices) Part 1


Remember in my first blog I said things change all the time in social media? I wasn’t joking. Just when I was about to press “Publish” on this post, Facebook changed again- in a big way.  Needless to say, many Facebookers are either unhappy or confused about it. In a future post I will talk more about these changes, but first I’ve got to understand them myself! I think it’s safe to say that what I’ve written in this post is pretty basic. Chances are, those of you who are experiencing Facebook for the first time, won’t feel the same confusion we veterans feel. Change is hard for some of us. But change is inevitable. By the time you read this, there will probably be more changes.

Facebook is what you want it to be

Facebook was originally conceived to connect college students. The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, it quickly took off connecting people of all ages all over the world. Many people shy away from it because they perceive it as an invasion of privacy. But you can control who you become friends with and who sees your posts or comments. You can use Facebook to keep in touch with your children, other family members or friends, promote your business or cause or meet new people.

How Facebook helped me

I am a Facebook enthusiast. My youngest son and friends encouraged me to join back in 2007. I was hesitant at first, but my curiosity and quest to keep up with the latest social trends got the best of me. Also, being in the house sending out resumes and cover letters all day, I needed to reconnect with the world.  I must admit, Facebook has done that and more. What did I find out?

  1. I quickly became Facebook friends with people I normally don’t talk to. That included colleagues I hadn’t seen in years, colleagues I didn’t know, elementary school mates, my long lost cousins I hadn’t seen since I was eight.
  2. I get job leads on Facebook. My new found colleagues hipped me to some gigs. I got a few freelance jobs that way. I don’t see family members often but at least I get a chance to see baby photos and such.
  3. I get intellectual stimulation from some of the discussions we have about videos or articles posted on someone’s page. And I share a few.  I’m also a member of a couple of Facebook professional groups e.g. Adfam, Urban Creative Network and Infinite Versatility Fitness and Body Training.
  4. I’ve posted Facebook pages for a couple of my blogs and my company Hughes Who Productions. This is to keep people abreast of what’s going on and build followers. I’m on Facebook daily.

Why is Facebook free?

The information you provide is golden to the businesses that use Facebook to connect to consumers. Facebook can pinpoint your location, age, interests and hobbies  – things that interest marketers who want to target their products to specific consumers. This may sound creepy to non-marketing folks but it tracks your information and activities on the site. Facebook makes money from the ads that marketers buy from them. Based on your interests, Facebook can target relevant ads to appear on your page.  I saw Jill Scott’s newest album, and Dexter TV show on my page. I didn’t mind because I like both. I clicked on the ads and it directed me to their Facebook pages. The pages can also direct you to their web sites. The deal is the ads are usually products or services that you’d be interested in. So it’s very targeted.

How to join Facebook

If you want to join Facebook, you can control what you want it to do for you and who you want to connect with. You call the shots. If someone wants to connect with you and you don’t what to reciprocate, press Ignore. If you want to be friends, press Confirm.

Signing up is easy and free.

You must be over 13 years of age and have a current email address.

Type on your browser (the long blank bar at the top of your computer)

Follow the prompt:  first name, last name, email address, type it again for verification, and create a password, Enter your sex, then birthday (for content appropriateness)

Voila! You’re in.

To build your connections, Facebook will scan your email address book for people already on Facebook, they will ask you if you want to Friend them. You chose who you want to connect with.

Facebook will also ask you to peruse the list of people not on Facebook. Facebook will  invite  those you chose to connect with.

You can then upload your photo. It can be a traditional photo of you or someone/something that represents you.  I know people who’ve posted their children, dog – even their left foot! It’s up to you. However, the photos would have to be in your computer to access it.  You click on the Facebook browser and it takes you to your computer files. You select your photo from there. You can always change it, or leave it blank. But what fun is it having a blank silhouette staring at you?

Even the President has a Facebook page

You may also create a Facebook page for your group business, club, organization, etc.. But you must have a Facebook page first. Will touch on a later post.

There is an inbox you may use for messages that only the people you chose to send it to can see.  So not all comments or information need to be seen publicly.

By the way (BTW) If you misspell a word, the Facebook community doesn’t judge. Seems vocabulary and grammar rules are broken with ease in this medium.

Obviously, there is more to Facebook than what I’ve shared with you here.  But this is good enough to make you functional.

 Assignment: Search my “Trending Over 40” page. (yes I have a website page for my blog). “Like” my page, and tell me if this post was helpful  or just share with me your thoughts..

Sample Facebook Terms.

I will share just a few. If you’re curious to know more, get on Facebook.

Like: Press this when you approve of a comment or page. In groups or fan pages you become a follower

What’s on Your Mind? Self-explanatory. Type a thought, poem, quote, scripture, whatever is on your mind

Comment:  Voice your opinion about what someone has posted

Share: Distribute an article, video, website, etc. to other friends, with a push of a button.

Tag: You put a photo or document on Facebook and label/tag a Facebook friend’s name and share it.

Part 2 New Facebook Changes –WTH?

Mentoring my social-media challenged but fabulous friends

Welcome to my latest blog! I’m Edye Deloch-Hughes, an ad writer, blogger and social media enthusiast.  I want to help you understand the basics of social media, emerging trends and how we fit in.

Definition of Trending: Rising as the hot topic; emerging in popularity; a current trend: “That new blog “Trending Over 40″ was trending on Twitter today!”

How did our kid’s Facebook become a way of life for almost everybody? That’s the question I get from my friends when we talk about social media. More often than not, they are baffled and dismayed about how it’s effected the way we communicate.  Millions of people found social networking to be the perfect vehicle for making meaningful connections, building relationships, establishing trust with others throughout the world. That’s a powerful tool when raising awareness of a cause, building personal reputations or selling product. That’s why marketers have adopted social media as their medium of choice. They reach more people at a fraction of the cost of producing and running a TV or radio spot.  I’ve tried to convince my business-minded peers to connect to LinkedIn. But I realized some of my very intelligent and capable friends find social media overwhelming and time consuming. You might agree. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe you haven’t a clue as to what social media or social networking is or how it could positively affect your family,  business or career. I can understand that. There’s a level of distrust and skepticism that exists. You may not want to put your personal business out there for the world to see and scrutinize.  Given some of the recent scandals initiated through social networking,  who could blame you?  But you can control that. There are also those who can hardly send an email let alone post a comment on Facebook. I’m not here to judge,  just inform. Some posts will cover the most elementary to the more advanced. Everybody’s familiarity is different.

I’m no high powered expert, but I do know a little something-something. I hear tell that we over-40 types are outdated and out-of-touch, especially as far as social media is concerned.  Because of this, we may find ourselves out of work or on the edge of downsizing. I say, don’t let others’ perception of you become your reality. Don’t believe what the employers, your kids or the news say. You are fabulous. You are trending over 40. Your plethora of experiences and abundant knowledge is more relevant and needed than the world realizes. Your knowledge  in social media can enhance what you already know. It can also help you get a job. Gone are the days of filling out apps and walking the pavement. You have to do that stuff online.  Knowing social media gives you an advantage.

Social media is powerful. It helped elect our President and topple Egypt’s corrupt regime.   It’s made marriages and destroyed them. It’s landed people coveted jobs, and got them fired. Social Media is no joke.  It is your present and future whether you like it or not. Understanding it, may determine your success.  If you are a small business owner, not-for profit,  or parent, you will benefit from knowing something about social media and emerging trends and how to apply them. Feel free to ask “dumb” questions. If I don’t know the answer – don’t think I’m dumb either. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

One last thing: Look at social media like fire and water. We can use it for good, but if misused it can hurt you. Don’t be afraid of it, learn how to use it and respect its power.

NOTE: If you like what you’ve read, please comment, share with friends and subscribe.

Shoot me an email with any questions you have at:

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